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6 Week Iso Challenge (13 July-23 August)


You must be a member of Studio Pilates Armadale or Richmond to enrol in this online challenge. 

You are not able to use studio credit to purchase these online workouts.

We are excited to announce a 6 WEEK ISO CHALLENGE, bringing you 30 matwork Pilates workouts from Monday 13 July - Sunday 23 August 2020.

      Studio Pilates online home workouts are designed to keep you strong, sane and sculpted during these complicated times. Become better every day, surpass your goals and become #strongertogether.

      Registrations close: Monday 13 July
      Workouts available: Now until 23 August
      Program ends: Sunday 23 August

      Please ensure that you read all of the information in the Program FAQs tab before purchasing. This will answer questions like "Can I use studio credit to purchase Studio Pilates At Home?" "What equipment do I need?" and "Do I need to perform the classes at a set time each day?"

      Program FAQs

      Do I need to be very strong or flexible to perform the workouts?

      Absolutely not! Each program has been designed by physiotherapists and you will be given multiple options or levels for every exercise. These are programs are for every body, no matter your age, strength or flexibility.

      When will I receive access to the videos? 

      After sign up, you receive access to the program within 24 business hours. You will receive a Welcome email which contains your log in details. Please note that this Welcome email will be different to your purchase confirmation email (which you will receive automatically). The Welcome email will have the subject line "Your 6 Week Iso Challenge Log in Details."

      Can I use studio credit to purchase these home workouts?

      Unfortunately, you are unable to use your current pack credit towards the Studio Pilates home workouts. The good news is that we are extending all class packages for the total length of time that we will be closed and we have already added an extension to your package, so those classes will be waiting for you to use when we’re given the green light to reopen!

      Do I need to tell you which studio I visit after purchase?

      No, during this time, we want to make sure that we support all Victorian studios equally, as such, your enrolment goes to help all studios currently closed due to COVID-19.

      Do I need equipment for the workouts?

      The workouts in this program are matwork based. We recommend having a Pilates or yoga mat at home, as this will make your workouts more comfortable. If you don't have a mat, you can also use a beach towel on the floor in lieu of a mat.

      Some workouts feature sliders (also called gliding discs). Sliders are a piece of exercise equipment which glide along the floor. You can purchase these at your local sporting goods store. OR you can use DIY home alternatives such as 2 plastic plates for carpet or 2 face washers/face clothes for hardwood or tiled floor. We actually prefer using the DIY options and you will notice that the workouts use face washers not purchased sliding discs!

      Are the workouts the same or different to Studio Pilates At Home Vol. I and II?

      This 6 week challenge features our favourite 30 programs from Studio Pilates at Home Vol. I and II! If you previously completed Vol. I or II, you may recognise some of our body sculpting workouts! Enjoy performing your favourite workout again!

      How many classes do I receive a week and what days do I receive the workouts?

      The challenge goes for 6 weeks (from Monday 13 July - Sunday 23 August) and you receive 5x workouts per week. 

      We have scheduled the workouts each week from Monday-Friday. However, when you log into your portal, you can view all 30x programs in advance.

      So you can either perform them as we suggest or however suits your schedule! You do not need to complete the workouts at any set time of day - they are available online for you for the duration of the challenge. If you want to complete the workouts out of order that is totally fine! If you want to perform your favourite workout more than once, go for it! If you want to perform more than 5x workouts a week and re-watch your favourites, you're going to get even better results!

      How long is each workout?

      The workouts vary in duration from 30-45 minutes.

      Can I re-watch the workouts or come back to them at a later point?

      Yes! You can watch the workouts whenever it suits you best. You can begin the workouts and resume them at a later point.

      Do I have to perform the workouts at a set time each day?

      You do not need to complete the workouts at any set time of day - they are available online for you for the duration of the challenge. When you log into your portal, you will see all 30x workouts available to you. If you want to complete the workouts out of order that is totally fine! You can also go back and re-watch your favourite workouts for the duration of the challenge!

      Is there a focus to each workout, or are they full body workouts?

      The workouts are similar to your regular Studio Pilates reformer classes in that some programs may focus more on certain areas of the body (ie. arms and thighs), but they will always be full body workouts.

      Can I view the next day’s workout in advance? 

      When you log into your portal, you will be able to access the full 30x workouts straight away!

      Do I receive ongoing access to the videos after 30 days?

      You receive access to the workouts for the duration of the program. The program starts on the 13 July and ends on the 23 August. Once the program ends on the 23 August, you do not have ongoing access to the workouts.

      Can I sign up after the registration closes?

      While registration for the challenge technically ends on Monday 13 July, you are welcome to still sign up to the program after this date!

      You will still be able to access all of the previous days’ workouts. It will just mean that you have a reduced amount of time to access the workouts overall (as the program only goes for 6 weeks and ends on the 23 August).

      Can I download the workouts?

      Unfortunately you are not able to download the workouts as they are designed to be streamed online. As such, you will need an internet connection to watch the workouts.