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Additional Mentoring

Additional Mentoring


IMPORTANT: All prices are listed in Australian dollars (AUD)

Mentoring pairs you with a trained Studio Pilates mentor in a live class environment. Throughout mentoring, you work one on one with your mentor, gradually developing confidence and honing your instructing skills. 

When you enrol in the Platinum Course, you receive 6x instructing shifts included in your course fee. However, you may need to purchase additional mentoring shifts if - 

  1. You have completed your practical assessment at the face to face training and you were not able to be marked as competent across all of the criteria OR
  2. If you are in the process of mentoring, and your mentor is advising that you need a bit more time to become competent across all of the mentoring criteria

Please do not worry if you need some additional time to mentor! We often find that the students who complete additional mentoring shifts become the strongest instructors because you have had even more one on one time with a Studio Pilates mentor to hone your instructing skills. 

Why do I need to pay more money to for the additional mentoring shift(s)?

You pay for the additional shift(s) because we need to pay the mentor for the additional shift that we spend working with you. However we have deliberately kept this fee very low and do not make any profit on this amount.

When do I need to pay for my additional shift(s)?

We recommend paying for your additional shift(s) as soon as possible to avoid any delays with your mentoring placement.