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Pilates for Swimmers Workout Video (Download)


A performance enhancing Pilates program specifically designed for swimmers.

Former Olympian and Australian Swim Team member, Jade Winter and physiotherapist Tanya Winter have developed the revolutionary Athletic Pilates System which is designed to tone and strengthen your entire body.

Jade and Tanya have combined their in-depth physiotherapy and biomechanical knowledge of swimming and their extensive experience in the Pilates Method to formulate exercises specifically designed to enhance swimming performance, increased core stability and reduce the frequency of injury.

This home workout contains "evolutionary sequencing", which means that each exercise is more challenging than the previous. This enables you to build the intensity of your workout as you improve. The exercises are demonstrated at different levels to suit both beginners and Pilates enthusiasts,

So whether you want to get the edge over your competitors or simply make swimming  little easier, this workout will deliver results.

Workout Duration: Approximately 40 minutes
Format: Digital eWorkout (.mp4 video)
Released: 2004
Equipment Required: None

"Athletic Pilates is the perfect workout for swimmers. It gives them the strength and flexibility to swim at their best."
- Susie O'Neill (Olympic Gold Medallist and World Record Holder