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Ball Circle and Band Course Upgrade


IMPORTANT: This information is only relevant for anyone who has completed the Studio Pilates Ball, Circle and Band Course prior to 2018.

In 2018, Studio Pilates revamped its Ball, Circle and Band Course featuring a brand new manual and an all new Online Training Centre

The new Online Training Centre features some exciting new improvements such as -

New Course Manual

  • New Ball, Circle and Band Manual is bigger, better, more comprehensive and now over 600 pages (455 pages more than the old manual!)
  • Over 30 NEW exercises included in the manual
  • 7 new sample class programs (written choreography)
  • All exercises rewritten in a new format based on the Studio Pilates Cueing Formula
  • Additional information under each exercise including more modifications, injury information, recommended palpations to perform, exercise tips and a break down of which target/accessory/stabilising muscles are being recruited during the movement
  • New exercise pictures which illustrate the full movement of each exercise
  • New information on progressing particular series and exercises
  • New content on programming classes and tips for running your classes
  • All new information on occupational health and safety and keeping clients safe when using the small equipment

New Online Training Centre

  • New online training centre format as we move over to our new website!
  • 106 exercise workshop videos for every exercise featured in the course!
  • 1 hour ball, circle and band masterclass
  • 40x new physical corrections/palpations videos

Do I Qualify to Purchase the Updated Ball Circle and Band Course Materials?

If you have completed the Studio Pilates Ball, Circle and Band Course prior to 2018, you are able to purchase access to the new and revised course content.

Can I Purchase a Hard Copy of the New Ball Circle and Band Course Manual?

Yes! The new Ball Circle and Band Manual is pretty big (over 600 pages!). That's a lot to print out yourself, so if you would prefer a hard copy of the manual, simply select this option at the checkout. Please be aware the digital option when upgrading a course does not include the hard copy manual as this is not a course enrolment as stated on the online training centre, this is a course upgrade. The digital manual isn't able to be downloaded either, you will be able to access this when connected to the internet on a web browser. 

Can I resit the face to face component of the Ball Circle and Band Course in the new format? 

Yes! We have upgrade options for just accessing the new online content and upgrade options to resit the face to face course. The Ball Circle and Band Course is now a 1.5 day course. Resitting the face to face course is a fantastic way to not only learn the new exercises, but also to refresh your Ball Circle and Band knowledge and receive feedback on your instructing.

For Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professionals (REPs): As the course is now longer in duration, we are in the process of applying for new CECs through Fitness Australia. If you would like the new CECs, you would need to resit the 1.5 day face to face course as a refresher.